Local and Global Mission

Drayton Avenue is building a better community by continuing a tradition of enthusiastic support for local and global mission work and evangelism. We are a charter supporter of the South Oakland Shelter. Since 1985, SOS has provided shelter, meals and case management services for individuals and families in our community. Drayton traditionally hosts SOS each year during the first week of December.

Another of Drayton Avenue’s major mission projects is the annual Lenten Outreach Project that takes place each year in early Spring during the season of Lent. The Lenten Outreach Project project involves collecting food and resources, which are then arranged in large gift boxes and distributed to members of the community in need of support. Join us for the 2018 Lenten Outreach Project in April 2018.

There are always mission programs, large or small, on-going at Drayton Avenue. You are invited to stop in and lend a hand.

PCUSA Global Mission: Learn how Presbyterian Disaster Assistance is assisting those in need in the USA and around the world, and how you can help.