About Drayton Avenue Presbyterian Church

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Our Belief System

Here at Drayton, we have a more open and flexible approach about instructions of faith. We practice a reformed theology, meaning we believe that God alone (not a bishop, or a king or a pope) has lordship over your conscience. We are all free to study and interpret the Bible, to explore the boundaries of faith, and to educate ourselves in order to better understand what God is calling us to do with the life God has given us. This freedom of the individual to seek God and attempt to understand what God is calling each one of us to do guides the church in its internal governance and its actions in the world.

If we all have freedom to explore the boundaries of Christian faith, what is the congregation at Drayton like? As a whole, our members tend to lean towards the socially progressive end of things. We have members of all ages, races, and political beliefs. We have members young and old, single and married, gay and straight. Focusing on theological right and wrong is really not what we’re about at Drayton. Such things get in the way of loving and helping others – and that is where we try to focus our energy. It is a far better thing to host the South Oakland Shelter, collect supplies for local relief agencies and support local community groups than it is to decide who has the “correct” interpretation of the Bible.

Where can you start? Well, a good place is with the Nicene Creed. The Creed was written in the year 325 and it attempts to spell out the basics of Christian faith. When you look beyond the fundamental teachings of the Creed, you will discover that the answer to the question of what Christian’s believe differs greatly from person to person. Even at Drayton. However, at Drayton we see this diversity of belief as a good thing. God is leading us all somewhere. Our goal is to try to get there together.

Drayton Basics

The Drayton Avenue Presbyterian Church started out as a children’s Sunday school that met under a grove of trees in the summertime. After a few years, those informal sessions evolved to become a church. Today, we have our eighth pastor – J. Scott Miller – and our dedication to Christian teaching and service remains strong.

The Drayton family continues to work at keeping Drayton a relevant and integral part of the community. Our building, for example, is home to drug and alcohol assistance groups, scouts, other faith communities, and a community pre-school. Countless other groups also use the building for functions throughout the year. We are a charter supporter of the South Oakland Shelter. We also coordinate an annual food collection program each February called People to People mission.

We see one another not simply as member’s and friends – but as part of a large family. We see going to church each Sunday as something to look forward to, a time of peace, and a weekly sanctuary from the world. To us, Drayton is a place where you can be you – a place where, with God’s help, each one of us is affirmed in meaningful and lasting relationships. It is a place where we can all grow, again with God’s help, in Christian faith at our own pace. In short, Drayton Avenue is our home.